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Welcome Beautiful People! Thank you for visiting my Sew Momma Marie blog.


I am attempting this blog thing because I get asked questions so often about my creativity that I have made into a little business out of my home in Texas. Please bear with me – I am so technically challenged!


Since my disablement with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 I have found peace in some light sewing, embroidery, applique, and in my cutting machine (*swoon!*). The adjustment is still hard, as I cannot do what I used to do. It has been six years and I still struggle. I manage my sanity through my attempts to “Personalize Everything!”


Another thing that I offer with all my items, is that I pray over every single one. I personally believe in the power of prayer and offer it up to all my customers. Prayer is powerful and it is FREE!


I will have tips and tricks and how I do what I do, with very little money and limited resources. I have made some great friends so far on this journey, for that, I am sincerely thankful. I will also introduce my new friends and how they help and provide me with ways to create some absolutely beautiful items.


My photography is off too! I have noticed that online photos that get noticed are fantastic photographs. Ugh! Is saying photographs old school? Yikes!


Before I leave, I would like to post a daily blessing from  “Everyday Blessings” by Max Lucado. My family in Tyler gave this little treasure to me back in 2008, I believe for my baptism. I just found it and have been looking at it. ~~~August 13: “The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”~ John 1:1 ‘I’ve always perceived [the apostle] John as a fellow who viewed life simply . . . For example, defining Jesus would be a challenge to the best of writers, but John handles the task with causal analogy. The Messiah, in a word, was “the Word.” A walking message. A love letter. Be he a fiery verb or a tender adjective, he was, quite simply, a word.”


What a neat way to start off my blog, my words, but with the reminder that “The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In my words, He is still the Word.


Remember to be a blessing and to “personallize everything”


Love Love Love you all,


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